Integrated Energy Infrastructures

PictureOn May 30-31, 2016 Thermal Motors joined the 2nd International Conference for Energy Systems at Hotel Hilton Leningradskaya, Moscow. The conference was organized by Skoltech Center for Energy Systems.

The event gathered leading international research and industry specialists in design, optimization, and operation of integrated energy infrastructures.

Dmitry Smirnov talked about the ongoing development of the next generation prime mover currently conducted at Thermal Motors, and discussed how global research can shape a better integration of technologies in energy infrastructures. He stressed the importance of considering many commercial applications at the early stages of applied research decision-making to avoid technology market limitations at the commercialization stage. Dmitry also underlined the importance of new collaboration models between small-size R&D companies and research institutions in Russia for faster development and early commercialization of novel high technologies.

During networking sessions Thermal Motors established important contacts with European and Russian research centers, and with companies who work in the energy sector.