Is deep-sea the next big thing?

VNIIOTo get the answer, Thermal Motors joined the international conference Minerals of the Ocean-8 & Deep-sea Minerals and Mining-5 in St. Petersburg, organized by VNII Okeangeologiya, RWTH-Aachen Univeristy and Berlin Free University on July 14-17, 2016.

We had an opportunity to meet representatives of leading international companies in underwater mining and construction – Soil Machine Dynamics UK, Denith Engineering ZA, Allseas NL, and others. As well as representatives from leading international research organisations from China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Thermal Motors Company presented its new project about the energy source for autonomous deep-sea operation  which improves the underwater endurance 3 times. The event helped our company to establish new relationships and gain unique knowledge in the field of underwater resource exploration.

Is this field the next big thing? – the short answer is – yes.