Thermal Motors Company develops state-of-art thermal energy technologies for sustainable global economic development. We achieve it by designing, testing and licensing novel thermal solutions using highly specialized knowledge and networks in engineering and experimental design.


Thermal Motors Company is a technology developer of energy solutions. Our competitive advantage is in advanced, highly concentrated technical skills for design, experimental testing and optimization of thermal systems. We deliver novel commercially attractive energy technologies in a cost effective manner, which are ready for the integration in the mass commercialization of our business partners. Our commitment for delivering unrivaled thermal solutions for global use sets us the best business partner for development of energy technologies in Russia.


Thermal Motors LLC was found in 2014 in Russia as a privately held company. In our base, we have strong family traditions, extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as established academia and industry networks in the development of energy technologies in thermal machine equipment.

In 2013, our first project for waste heat recovery was selected to be in the top-10 projects from 151 candidates out 24 countries, at the global competition CleanTech Challenge in London.

In 2014, Thermal Motors LLC was included in the list of 100 most promising projects from all over the world, according to the international business forum Open Innovations in Moscow.

The project for development of a next generation closed cycle thermal engine was ranked top-1 among 197 high-tech innovative projects in the grant competition organized by FASIE, 2014.

The same year, Thermal Motors signed partnership agreements with ZAO Design Bereau Avtomatika (St. Petersburg) and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow). Following the creation of a strong base of business partners from Moscow and St.Petersburg, Thermal Motors committed resources to start the development of technologies based on direct and reversed Stirling cycles.

To successfully complete the development, Thermal Motors invited most experienced domain engineers in Russia to participate in the technology development. In 2015 and  2017 different configurations of the technology were prepared for the patent application by the top-4 patent attorney in Russia and were eventually granted with patents by the Russian Federation. Since then Termal Motors is actively working on integrating the technologies in different segments of economy and keep improving its technology base.