Next generation prime mover


At Thermal Motors we are excited to work on the next generation prime mover because it is a platform energy solution, capable of producing energy from any existing source of heat, including hydrocarbons, waste heat, solar, and other sustainable heat sources.

The developed and patented prime mover can be applied in the range of applications with ratings 1 to 50 kW delivered electric power. Such applications may include, but are not limited to:

  • biomass micro combined heat and power generation
  • long-endurance energy source for underwater vehicles
  • solar energy
  • outer space power systems

The prime mover is maintenance-free and operates in environments with and without air for more than 100 000 hours. Novel engineering solutions allowed to minimize unit cost through reducing the number of moving elements, yet making it possible for simple scaling of the prime mover power output. Such approach also improves reliability and efficiency, as well as reduces noise level (∼60 dB).