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Refrigerator with temperature memory™.

New engineering system for freezing to temperatures below minus 100ºC without expensive vapour-compression refrigerators and liquid nitrogen.



Regenerative refrigerator based on the reversed Stirling cycle


Meet the future of refrigeration.

TM1 – is a novel patented refrigeration system for ultra-low temperatures (below minus 100ºC) which operates based on the reversed regenerative Stirling cycle (refrigerator with temperature memory™). Unlike conventional multistage double-phase vapour-compression systems, the refrigerator with temperature memory™ is a single-stage, single-phase system which is absolutely harmless for environment because it has a zero global warming potential and a zero ozone depletion potential. In comparison with traditional refrigerators, these advantages help to reduce equipment cost several times, increase energy efficiency twice, and solve the problem of compliance with regulations for vapour-compression refrigerants.  The refrigerator with temperature memory™ helps to put away expensive multistage vapour-compression refrigerators and to avoid paying for liquid nitrogen in many research and industrial applications.



No need to spend millions on development.

TM1 helps to study and integrate the refrigeration technology with the effect of temperature memory™ in different segments of economy, such as the preservation and production of products in biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. We saved your time and resources by creating this system. Take the unique opportunity to order TM1 first.


1 – compression area, 2 – radiator, 3 – temperature memory™ block, 4 – heat exchanger, 5 – cold production area, 6 – compression piston, 7 – expansion piston, 8 – shaft, 9-13 – piston-shaft joint, 14-17 – drive, 18 – sealing


Technology scaling capability opens many applications.

Medicine and pharma
Freeze-drying for pharmaceuticals; preservation of blood, plasma, and biological samples; cryogenic therapy.

Chemical industry
Nitrogen production; creation of catalysts, synthetic rubber, chlorine; production of resins and plastics; rubber goods and tires; production of chemical fibers and bioсhemical products.

Oil industry
Dewaxing of oils; deoiling of slack waxes;  fracking benzenes; isolation of paraxylene;  production of lube oil additives; catalytic cracking; sulfuric acid alkylation. 

Gas industry
Preparation of gas for transportation; gas processing; gas liquefaction; transportation of cooled and liquified gas.

Machine building and mettalurgy
Steels deep-freeze treatment; stabilization and relaxation of steels with cold treatment; refrigeration of anodization tubs; aging of aluminium alloys;  deflashing of rubber products; drying of compressed air;  adhering by freezing of process parts; pipe-bending with freezed water.

Construction systems
Forced soil freezing; concrete structure freezing.

 Other applications
Production of dry ice and water ice; air conditioning; test freezing systems; ice rinks; desalination of drinking water; systems for food harvesting, storage and transportation, high-quality ice-cream production.


Cost-effective manufacturing.

To produce TM1 we employ provent manufacturing technologies. This helps to save your time and money.


Small-scale production with reduced cost


Compulsory testing and regular improvements.

Every TM1 is tested at test units of partner institutions and is shipped with original characteristics which shows how refrigeration temperature depends from cooling load. We are constantly working on improvements for TM1.


Operational testing of TM1 in the test unit of a partner institution


Simple assembling and disassembling.

Modular architecture of TM1 allows you studying and adapting the system to achieve the maximum effect.


TM1 parts


Additional modifications.

Depending on your needs, we are ready to modify TM1 system for your requirements. For example, it could be a mobile, accessible and safe experimental test unit with a cooling chamber and the monitoring and control of operational parameters. Alternatively, TM1 can include the closed-loop coolant with an architecture that serves your needs.


Experimental test unit of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow) with TM1



Dimensions of TM1 mm 474/262/205
Frequency* rpm 0…1000
Cooling water rate l/h 170
Maximum charge pressure MPa 2.5
Electrical load kW 2.2
*The change of refrigeration temperature is conducted through the frequency control of an electric drive.

Dependence of refrigeration temperature from the cooling load obtained from TM1 tests at 500 rpm


Order TM1.

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